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Model: SR-10
Thương hiệu: SINODER
Xuất xứ: CHINA
Bảo hành: 1 năm


Chi tiết


     pneumatic conveyor is an advanced material conveying machine. It is compact, flexible and labor-saving. It can load and unload quickly and easily. It can convey by positive pressure separate or suction by vacuum separate or convey by positive and vacuum pressure at the same time after a simple combination. It can be used to convey granular materials on horizontal, inclined and vertical such as soybean, rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, barley malt, plastics and resins etc.

Pneumatic conveyor is widely used to handle materials in bulk loading, bulk conveying, bulk unloading, silo to silo, stack to stack in barn, farm, railway stations, docks, grain processing and brewing industries. When using this machine to convey grains, grains have to be selected and dehydrated.
Working principle of pneumatic grain conveyor:
Pneumatic grain conveyor is composed of the high pressure blower, air flow control valve, separator tube, air locker, connecting pipe, suction nozzle and conveying pipelines and other components. Its working principle is negative pressure air stream generated by the high pressure blower though the suction nozzle, suctioning the materials into the hose tube, then materials through the separation tube, air and material separated, material fell off into the air locker downward, then materials will be conveyed to the required place by positive pressure air flow. The air separated will go into the blower through the separator tube or the dust collector.


 Parameters of Pneumatic Conveyor

Model SR-5 SR-10 SR-15 SR-20 SR-25 SR-30 SR-50
Fan power
7.5 11 15 22 25 37 55
Air-lock valve
0.75 0.75 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5
8.25 11.75 16.1 23.1 26.5 38.5 56.5
Air flow
800 1000 1600 1800 1800 1800 2100
Fan pressure
1500 1500 1600 2200 2400 3300 4400
Max horizontal distance
30 50 70 100 100 140 200
 Conveying distance
3 10 15 20 20 30 80
Lift head
5 12 18 20 20 30 42
5 10 20 30 23 50 78
Feeding dia
124 150 150 160 160 160 200
Discharging dia
100 124 150 160 160 160 200

 the above parameters is just for reference and will be changed by raw materials and requirements.

Main features of pneumatic grain conveyor:
1. Strong power and big conveying quantity
2. Flexible application and grain hanging conveyor
3. Advanced technology and cost-saving
4. Safe and simple installation and commissioning.
5. Simple structure and less&easy maintenance.
6. High efficiency and energy-saving.
7. Easy operation.
The Handling Materials of Grain pneumatic Conveyor:
PVC granular, grain (corn & wheat) granular, coffee bean granular, PET granular,powder and so on.
Grain pneumatic conveyor, powder pneumatic conveyor,plastic pneumatic conveyor, Grain Conveyor /Rice Pneumatic Air Conveyor in the Port.  

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