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Máy hút nguyên liệu dạng bột ( Electric Type Vacuum Powder Loader )
Model: EEPL-400
Thương hiệu: ELH Machinery 
Xuất xứ: CHINA
Bảo hành: 1 năm 
Giao hàng: Liên hệ
Giá (chưa bao gồm V.A.T): Liên hệ


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  • Product Details:  Electric Type Vacuum Powder Loader


Absorbing advantages of similar products inland and abroad, our powder loader is the most advanced, ideal and perfect vacuum conveyor inChinafor powder material and powder-granule mixed material. It can convey powder material to packaging machine, plastic injection machine, and crusher. It can also convey material to a mixer (such as V-shaped mixer, 2D mixer and 3D mixer). In this way, it can reduce worker`s labor intensity and solve the problem of powder flying everywhere in a workshop.

Our powder loader is composed of vacuum pump (without oil or water), stainless steel material-suction spout, flexible pipe, PE filter (or 316L stainless steel filter), compressed air counter-blowing device, pneumatic flapper, vacuum hopper and material position automatic controller. The whole set is well designed and the work craft is exquisite.

Since our loader has a pulse counter-blowing device, it will never be jammed. At the same time, many similar loaders by other suppliers will be jammed after only 3-5 hours` working.

Vacuum loader has two types of material discharging: interval discharging and continuous discharging. Interval discharging helps to reduce cost in equipment and is convenient to control material position. Under most situations, we suggest clients adopt interval discharging. Continuous discharging is good to convey material to a far place and in large quantity.

Vacuum Powder Loader Technical Specifications
Model Motor Power (Kw) Conveying Capacity (Kg/hr) Air Consumption (L/Min) Air Supply Pressure (Mpa) Hopper Diameter (mm) Material Inlet Diameter (mm) Material Outlet Diameter (mm)

Hopper Height


EEPL-400 1.5 400 8 0.4--0.6 213 38 241 840 620X410X630
EEPL-600 2.2 600 8 0.4--0.6 213 38 241 840 620X410X630
EEPL-1200 3 1200 8 0.4--0.6 290 51 325 1070 660X450X550
EEPL-2000 5.5 2000 8 0.4--0.6 420 51 325 1300 730X520X650
EEPL-3000 5.5 3000 10 0.4--0.6 420 51 325 1300 650X470X670
EEPL-4000 5.5 4000 10 0.4--0.6 420 63 325 1300 650X480X690
EEPL-6000 5.5 6000 10 0.4--0.6 420 63 325 1300 800X550X680


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