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Model: MTA series 
Thương hiệu: MITEX
Xuất xứ: CHINA
Bảo hành: 1 năm
Giao hàng: Liên hệ
Giá (chưa bao gồm V.A.T): Liên hệ


Chi tiết


  • One host machine controlling several hoppers to save cost and space; Vacuum hoppers  and sensor hoppers alternative.
  • Perfect for drying and conveying in one system with simplified systematic structure and high efficiency.
  • Fully automatic microcomputer controlled.
  • Integrated control, easy and safe to operate.
  • Easy maintenance.



MTA-800G MTA-800G MTA-3HP MTA-5HP-2 MTA-7.5HP-2
Motor hp Type                                                  Induction
Specification          1HP 3Φ        2HP 3Φ         3HP 3Φ 5HP 3Φ 7.5HP 3Φ
Conveying capacity (kg/hr)   440 500 590 820 1000
Loading distance (m) 4 4 5 6 6
Static wind pressure (mm/H20)    2400 2400 2400 3000 3000
Reservoir volue (L) 7.5 7.5 12/7.5 25L 40Lx2
Conveying tube inner dim(mm) Φ38 Φ38 Φ38 Φ51 Φ63
Attached hoses (mm)



 Φ 38mm*5m


Φ 38mm*5m


Φ 51mm*12m


 Φ 63mm*16m


Dimensions  MM 610x370x670 540x560x1230 540x620x1230 500x450x1230 580x600x1700
Net weight  KG Main frame/Hopper 55 58 66 90 135
10 12
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