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Adhesion Tester



The Adhesion Tester is one of the most accurate and versatile adhesion testers currently available. It measures the adhesion bond strength of applied coatings with ease and precision.

The adhesion is measured by the tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating surface. The force is applied through the centre of the Dolly by a hydraulically loaded pin. This ensures an exactly central point-loading of the force.

Adhesion values are recorded by a pressure gauge giving a 1:1 pressure reading. This is made possible as the net surface area of the Dolly is equal to the surface area of the hydraulic piston bore. Pressure reacted by the Dolly is the same as the pressure in the bore and is transmitted directly to the pressure gauge. The maximum value achieved at pull-off is recorded by a reset needle that is easily read on the large scale of the pressure gauge.

Connection to the stainless steel Dolly is easily made with a coupling socket. The pressure gauge is swivel-mounted allowing testing in any position. This is significant as coating breakdown invariably starts at positions that are difficult to reach during surface preparation and application.

Ensures effective quality control with a non-destructive capability. To allow the specification minimum to be proven, the dolly can be removed using the heated dolly remover supplied. If necessary, the dolly can be left in place for testing during service as part of a planned maintenance programme.

The Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra. The Certificate is supplied as hard copy and is available online through the Calibration Portal on our website.

Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with 5 Flat Dollies, Adhesive, Heated Dolly Remover, Dolly Cleaning Tool, Dolly Plug.

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