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DC Holiday Detector



The Holiday Detector is a DC voltage Holiday Detector for detecting pinholes and flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates. Where coatings have to provide an effective safeguard against corrosion, it is essential that any pinholes or flaws that will eventually lead to corrosion are detected at the earliest possible stage.

The test voltage is of high impedance, enabling safe testing, and does not damage or cause burn marks to the coating. Operation is by the test voltage being applied to the coating by moving a brush electrode across the surface and where there is either a pinhole or flaw, the voltage will spark through the coating, a red indicator will flash and an audible alarm will sound. The detected flaw can be marked for subsequent repair, and testing resumed for the remaining surface area.

The Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra. The Certificate is supplied as hard copy and is available online through the Calibration Portal on our website.

Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with High Voltage Handle, Band Brush Probe, 10m Earth Cable Neck Strap.


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