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Coating Thickness Meter






The Coating Thickness Meter reinforces Paint Test Equipment’s reputation for superior and innovative product development. All models have advanced features of variable substrate calibration and data recording for processing and report generation.

Magnetic induction and eddy current technology is used to measure all types of coatings with the highest level of accuracy on metallic substrates. Ferrous models measure all non-ferromagnetic coatings on steel and iron. Non-Ferrous models measure all non-conductive, non-ferromagnetic coatings on conductive non-ferrous substrates.

The Calibration Certificates with traceability to UKAS are an optional extra. The Certificates are supplied as hard copy and are available online through the Calibration Portal on our website.

Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Flexible lead Measuring Probe (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous instruments have two Measuring Probes), set of 8 Calibration Foils and Zero Disk (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous instruments have two Zero Disks, C5003 Model has 3 Foils).

The USB PC Download Cable is available as an optional extra.

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