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Máy hút nhựa cho hopper model ELH-400T
Model: ELH-400T
Thương hiệu: ELH Machinery
Xuất xứ: CHINA
Bảo hành: 1 năm
Giao hàng: Liên hệ
Giá (chưa bao gồm V.A.T): Liên hệ


Chi tiết


Product Description

ELH-400T auto-loader is mounted onto the feeder of a plastic processing machine.

It is applicable only for granule or regrind plastic materials and not applicable for

powder materials.

1) Stainless steel hopper, light-weighted, durable, easy for cleaning
2) Overload protection device on motor
3) Micro proccesor control, easy for operation.
4) Independent filter, convenient for cleaning accumulated dust
5) Noise-free design
6) Auto-alarming protection device for material shortage

Technical Specifications

Model Motor Conveying Capa.(kg/hr) Hopper Capa.(L) Hose diameter(mm) External size(H*L*W)(mm) Weight(kg)
Type Specs        
ELH-400T Induction 1.5HP 400 10 Dia.38 800*450*450 25

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