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Model: EC series 
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Xuất xứ: CHINA
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Chi tiết


  • Materials withScrew components are optional: full alloy series, double alloy series;barrel can choose double alloy series, SKD61.

  • Treatment process of : screw barrel can respectively adopt a whole hardening, nitriding, spraying alloy, double alloy casting.

  • Adhesion strength of more than 10000psi

  • Surface finish: screw surface is less than 0.04um.

  • Surface hardness: HRC62-70 degree

  • PA material special-purpose screw barrel group ( high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure )

  • Frequent specification:

  • Model A-Type B-Type B-Type
    EC-5 Ф14 Ф16  
    EC-20PN Ф16 Ф18 Ф20
    EC-40PN Ф22 Ф25 Ф28
    EC-60PN Ф25 Ф28 Ф32
    EC-50SX Ф22 Ф25 Ф28
      Ф32 Ф36
    EC-75SX Ф25 Ф28 Ф32
      Ф32 Ф36
    EC100-SX Ф28 Ф32 Ф36
      Ф40 Ф45
    EC130-SX Ф32 Ф36 Ф40
      Ф40 Ф45
    EC180-SX Ф36 Ф40 Ф45
      Ф50 Ф55
    EC230-SX Ф40 Ф45 Ф50
      Ф50 Ф55
    EC350-SX Ф50 Ф60 Ф70
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