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Model: EGP series 
Thương hiệu: ELH Machinery
Xuất xứ: CHINA
Bảo hành: 1 năm
Giao hàng: Liên hệ
Giá (chưa bao gồm V.A.T): Liên hệ


Chi tiết

    The granulators of EGP series are suitable for crushing various defectives, wastes and off cuts made of soft or hard plastics in block, ball or bar shapes. It plays an important role in increasing the utilization ratio of plastics.

The characteristics of machine:
1) Integral body, sturdy and durable, keep excellent performance after using long time
2) Heavy-duty bearing and dust protection device, the sound-proof board can prevent vibration and noise effectively
3) The overloading protector on the motor and interlock protection device on the power source, double protection for the safety of human being and motor
4) Paddle-blades rotor adopting shear principle, made of high- chromium steel, shred various plastics easily
5) The gap between knives is adjustable. The knives can be dismounted to grind when they are blunt. They can be used repeatedly, long time using life.
6) Separable design, the bunker, main body, mesh frame are dismounted easily, convenient for bunker cleaning.
7) With shock-proof pads. Noise of vibration is reduced.

Machine Specifications:

Model Power (Kw) Feeding Mouth Size (mm) Screen Hole Max. Breaking Capa. (Kg/hr) Rotary Blades Fixed Blades Weight (Kg) Diamensions LxWxH (mm)
Paddle Blades Stagger-ed Blades
EGP- 300 5.5 260x300 Φ10 270-350 3 18 2 340 1250X810X1387
400 7.5 260x400 Φ10 300-550 6 24 2 500 1250X910X1387
500 11 260x500 Φ10 400-650 6 30 2 720 1250X1010X1387
EGP- 600 15 360x600 Φ12 400-700 6 30 4 1100 1425X1156X1850
700 18.5 360x700 Φ12 500-800 6 36 4 1650 1425X1256X1850
800 22 460x800 Φ12 600-900 6 42 4 1930 1515X1356X1970

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