Model:                        RAL - 303 / 503

Thương hiệu:             Rhong

Xuất xứ:                     China

Bảo hành:                  12 tháng


Product Description

RAL-303/503 series auto-loader uses stainless-steel hopper and high-efficient vaccum motor. Detachable Auto Loaders has motor overload protection device and auto-alarming device for material shortage,It is characterized with light-weight and durability,powerful suck force,easy installation and operation.

The characteristics of Separated Vaccum Conveyor with Three-phase Motor:

  1. The separable design for hopper from main machine,safe and convenient
  2. Stainless steel hopper,light-weighted,durable,easy for cleaning
  3. overload protection device on motor
  4. Computer control,easy for operation.
  5. Independent filter,convenient for cleaning accumulated dust
  6. Noise-free design
  7. Auto-alarming protection device for material shortage

Vacuum Feeder Machine parameters:

Model Motor Conveying Capa.(kg/hr) Feed Capa.(L) Pipe diameter(mm) External size(mm) Weight(kg)
Type Specs Body Hopper Body Hopper
RAL-303 Induction 1HP 300 6 Dia.38 650*450*400 450*350*250 45 5
RAL-503 Induction 2HP 550 12 Dia.38 650*450*400 500*450*300 55 8
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