Model:                             MT100 Series 

Thương hiệu:                  Wellmade

Xuất xứ:                          Hongkong

Bảo hành:                       12 tháng


WM-MT100-01  Hot Runner Sequential Controller:

1.  WM-MT100 is designed for valve gate hot runner system,the solenoid valve is suitable for DC24V or AC220V (including pneumatic valves and hydraulic valve)

2.  The controller cabinet is same with the temperature controller


Functions and Characteristics:

1.  Control card interface using five touch of a button

2.  Double row、four LED display,running text display

3.  Simple operation,fast for new user to enter working state

4.  Internationally accepted standard structure,easy to replace,you can use interchangeable with other    manufacturers' products

5.  Time control accuracy: 0.01S

6.  Delay function with four segments,each calibrated to control modeA(1Segment),B (2Segment),C(3Segment),D(4Segment)

7.  Output DC24V 1.5A or AC220V 1A,can switch

8.  Injection signal reception: DC24V or AC220V or passive contact

9.  Power supply: single phase AC220V 50 / 60Hz

10. In addition to the automatic control system,but also equipped with a manual control for mold debugging


Hot Runner Sequential Timer Controller Technical Parameter


Operating Ambient Temperature

  1. 0 to 1310F  (00 to 550C)

Storage Ambient Temperature

  1. 0 to 1580 F(-400 to 700C)

Delay segment

A Mode (1segment)   B Mode(2segment)   C Mode(3Segment)            D Mode(4segment)

Delay time setting range


Time control accuracy

Rated load


 220V 15A Dual Fast Fuse

Injection signal reception

        AC220V or DC24V   or  passive contact

Power Supply

  1. -240VAC     50/60Hz  or 3 phase 380V
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